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What is Hypnosis?
This is a question many people ask and contrary to popular belief it is not a state of deep sleep. The hypnotist helps guide the client into a trance like state, and when this is achieved, an enhanced state of awareness is reached solely through focusing on the voice of the hypnotist. It is in this state the subconscious mind is revealed and the critical/conscious mind is effectively ‘by-passed’. The client will become more aware of the internal workings of their mind and body which they would otherwise be unmindful to. It is through this state the hypnotist is able to make suggestions directly to the unconscious, the clients mind then chooses whether to accept or reject the proposed suggestions. Hypnosis therefore is a state of enhanced awareness, not mind control.

This is a practice of promoting healing or positive development . Just as the body instinctivly knows how to heal a cut, the mind also knows how to heal. The primary job of a hypnotherapist is as stated by Milton H. Erickson is "to create an enviroment to facilitate healing". The healing is also supported through guidance, education and suggestion.